Achieving the financial future you want is no different than producing a good yield. You need to plant the right seeds and harvest them. We know how to help you reach your short term, and more importantly, your long term goals.


Achieving your short term, and more importantly, your long-term financial goals is similar to helping a patient maintain healthy teeth throughout their lifetime. You need to determine any issues that are adversely affecting your financial health and establish a program to resolve them.



At McDonald & Associates, we know that working with our veterinarian clients means more than simply providing accounting and tax services. It means having an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved with the financial management of your practice.



As tax experts, we can assist with tax planning to assure you receive the tax credits for being an energy efficient residential home builder. We help take the confusion out of being compliant with tax laws, including out-of-state payroll, unemployment taxes, highway use, county and local taxes.


Please contact me about your accounting and financial services.