6 Ways to Cut Your Everyday Expenses

Many people dream of making more money, but cutting expenses can have the same effect. Identify unnecessary expenses with these six money-saving ideas and help free up some cash: Eliminate late fees. Most late fees are the result of being too busy, Read More

Customer Retention Metrics You Need to Know

Your business’s ability to retain customers is one of the most important components to sustained growth and profitability. Here are the three retention metrics useful for every business owner. Retention rate. Most customer retention is measured over a set period of time, Read More

‘Tis the Season for Gift Card Fraud

With supply chain snarls still plaguing parts of the U.S. economy, many consumers are turning to gift cards as the holiday present of choice this year. In fact, according to the website Research and Markets, the United States gift card industry is Read More

Raising a Financially Savvy Child

If you have children or grandchildren, you have an opportunity to give them a jump-start on their journey to becoming financially responsible adults. While teaching your child about money and finances is easier when you start early, it’s never too late to Read More

Tax Court Corner

Here’s a roundup of several recent tax court cases and what they mean for you. Thou Shalt Not Commingle Funds (Vorreyer, TC Memo 2022-97, 9/21/22) Don’t let sloppy record keeping prevent you from deducting legitimate business expenses. The Tax Court agreed with Read More

Social Security to See Significant Adjustment for 2023

Your 2023 Social Security Benefits – Find out how your benefits have changed Average Retirement Benefits – Starting January 2023 All workers in 2022: $1,681/mo All workers in 2023: $1,827/mo (+$146) The 2023 maximum Social Security retirement benefits for a worker retiring Read More

Planning for Future Care: A Financial Dilemma

Long-term care costs that drain your nest egg is a financial pothole that is hard to avoid. Here are some ideas to help manage this hazard. How much is needed Here’s how much money you’ll need for three different types of senior Read More

Ingredients of a Successful Business Partnership

Like a bundle of sticks, good business partners support each other and are less likely to crack under strain together than on their own. In fact, companies with multiple owners have a stronger chance of surviving their first five years than sole Read More

New Terms and Trends: Do You Know Them?

Just like clothing and fashion trends, new phrases and terms have a way of inserting themselves in every day language. For some, these phrases are overused and annoying. For others, these terms do an acceptable job of explaining a situation. Here are Read More